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  • Bamanghal, Hedvi, Guhagar
  • Sunset @ Dabhol
  • Shree Durga Devi Temple, Guhagar
  • Gopalgad, Guhagar
  • Hedvi Beach, Hedvi, Guhagar
  • Hedvi Ganesh Temple
  • Dhopave Pheriboat
  • Rai Bhatgaon Bridge
  • Velneshwar Deep Maal, Guhagar
  • Velneshwar Sea Beach, Guhagar
  • Vishnu Velneshwar, Guhagar
  • Vyadeshwar Temple Internal View
  • Vyadeshwar Temple, Guhagar
Bamanghal, Hedvi, Guhagar1 Sunset @ Dabhol2 Shree Durga Devi Temple, Guhagar3 Gopalgad, Guhagar4 Hedvi Beach, Hedvi, Guhagar5 Hedvi Ganesh Temple6 Dhopave Pheriboat7 Rai Bhatgaon Bridge8 Velneshwar Deep Maal, Guhagar9 Velneshwar Sea Beach, Guhagar10 Vishnu Velneshwar, Guhagar11 Vyadeshwar Temple Internal View12 Vyadeshwar Temple, Guhagar13
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Beach is just beside the city. From small village called Asgoli (south beach end) to an area called Baug (north beach end) Guhagar beach is spread 6 kilometer. This happens to be major attraction for all the tourist. Its just awesome.


The beach is situated at the distance of 20 kms. From Guhagar. Serene and virgin beach with yellowish sand. Budhal village is sparsly populated with only about 50 houses. To reach here take Guhagar-Hedvi road till Adur Phata ( About 5 kilomter from Adur Phata is Budhal beach). This 5 kilometer road is pretty bad. Don’t forget to get drinking water and food with you as there is no hotel close by. Very secluded beach. During high tide ( specially during rainy season ) its mesmerizing to see the clear waters as it gushes along the shore and hits the basalt rock formation along the shoreline. Try walking towards south hill range for about 500 meter. Breathtaking scene can be viewed from hilltop.


The beach is situated at the distance of 22 kms. From Guhagar. Borya bunder ( port ) is a typical tiny village. Karul is yet another small village very close by. Majority of local people are fisherman by profession. To reach here take Guhagar-Hedvi road till Adur Phata (About 6 kilomter from Adur Phata is Borya bunder). Those who are interested in burning extra calories , try walking towards Budhal beach along sealine. This walkway runs over a small hill which touches sea on west site. One can enjoy endless breathtaking sea view almost on three sides of this small hillock.


The beach is situated at the distance of 12.5 kms. From Guhagar. Palshet is a small town on Guhagar- Hedvi road. Not many people know about this small beach. Beach side is a perfect place to spend one evening with family and friends. Recently archaeologist have discovered Waghbil cave or Musrundi cave , on Palshet to Pomendi road , 1 kilometer east of Barbhai, on the banks of a small perennial stream, near a waterfall, at a height of 85 m msl and 2 km inland first of its kind on Deccan plateau. On the basis of observations made on tool typology, geomorphology and lithostratigraphy, it is shown that early man occupied the cave during early Late Pleistocene. Also visit Chand Ghal near Narvan village. Get your scuba diving suits and explore ocean bed near Palshet beach. Manmade under ancient seawater wall has been recently discovered archaeologist. Only experienced scuba divers are advised to explore. One small jetty is at north end of Palshet beach. There is newly built road starting from this jetty and reaches south end of Guhagar beach ( Asgoli Village). This road is not asphalt ( tarr ) road and hence pretty bad for small sized cars. This 4 kilometer rout is good option for those willing to burn extra calories by simple walking.


The beach is situated at the distance of 35 kms. From Guhagar. Tavsal is a small port located on Tavsal creek. Tavsal is on one side of water channel and Jaygad is on the otherside of water channel. Visit Vijaygad ( a small fort) close to Tavsal. Don’t forget to visit Jaygad Fort. One has to take ferry service and cross water channel and reach Jaygad. One can also take leisurely boat ride around tavsal creek and if luck, spot the playful dolphins also.


The beach is situated at the distance of 25 kms. From Guhagar. This is yet another beautiful beach south of Guhagar. Dont forget to visit Velneshwar temple. Home cooked food is available in this small town. This is the only beach in this region to have black sand on it.


One more tourist attraction is Baman Ghal on Hedvi beach. This beautiful natural wonder is a gorge ( narrow path) in the black rock patch and is around 20 feet deep, 35 feet long and 1-2 feet wide in dimensions. Only during the high tide, the sea water gushes in and splashes around. Also visit Uma Maheshwari Temple just before Baman Ghal.


The creek is situated at the distance of 12.5 kms. From Guhagar. Veldur ( and Dhopawe) are on south side of water channel and Dabhol is on north side. Ferry service is available to cross the water channel (Between Dhopawe and Dabhol). Often dolphin fish can be seen crusing along water channel. Good place to spend lazy evening .


The temple is situated at the distance of 2.5 kms. From Guhagar. Durga devi is kulaswamini ( kuldaivat) of many people in India. Almost every hindu worships Durga devi. Recently a Bhakta Niwas ( Residential complex for devotees ) has been build along with newly constructed mandir. Some 15 separate rooms are available only for Devotee families. There is a medium sized man made pond next to mandir. During monsoon season its joyeous to enjoy swimming in this crystal clear water.


This mandir is of Lord Shiv. Vyadeshwar happens to be ( kuldaivat) of many Chittapavan Kokanastha Brahmanfamilies. This ancient temple is at the heart of Guhagar town. There are many small temples ( like Lord Maruti ) on the premises. Vyadeshwar mandir trust offers accommodation to all devotees for couple of days stay.


This mandir is one of its kind. Shree Murti is facing sea shore . i.e directing west. Normally its never like that. Normally it should face direction east. And hence name Ufrata ( reversed) Ganpati Mandir. There is a big entrance lobby. Good place to meditate and experience eternal bliss.


Kopri Narayan Mandir is located in an area called varacha pat ( North Side ) of Guhagar. This mandir is of Lord Vishnu. There is one more temple of Lord Hanuman in the premises. Next to the Mandir there is an open air theatre. During festival season artists perform and act in play here. There is also a common community kitchen in the premises. Once a year ( Yearly utsav ) all the residents of Guhagar meet here and have lunch together. Every single woman of of every house prepares food. Its fun to watch enthusiasm of every single person involved. This also helps in uniting all the people to stand together. Very effective way to integrate community.


This is “ Gavdevi “ of Guhagar town. There are many more mandir in Guhagar town like Shree Ganpati mandir at Asgoli village, Shree Dattamandir at khalcha, one more mandir at Aregaon Village.


The historical fort is situated at the distance of 14 kms. From Guhagar. One has to pass through Ratnagiri Gas power plant premises to reach Anjanvel and then travel towards Gopalgad. Car can reach right till entrance gate of Gopalgad. This ancient fort is believed to be built at the start of 16th Century by the Siddis. It was captured by Shivaji Maharaj in 1660. What remains today is only the ruins of this huge fort that spans 7 Acres of land. The lighthouse is about 1.7 kilometers south from Gopalgad. Tolekeshwar mandir is at the entrance of the lighthouse premises. One can view beautiful lush green landscapes around. Surrounded by the Sea on all three sides , Gopaldag and creek next to it offers picturesque scenery. Spend an evening followed by dinner and campfire. A perfect place for all nature lovers.


Bamanghal is situated at the distance of 29 kms. From Guhagar.. Baman Ghal is situated on Hedvi beach. Baman Ghal is unique landscape in its own way. This beautiful natural wonder is a gorge in the black rock patch and is around 20 feet deep, 35 feet long and 1-2 feet wide in dimensions. During the high tide, the sea water gushes in and splashes around. Its fun to watch this wonder.


The naturally located temple is situated at the distance of 29 kms. From Guhagar. At Hedvi the most famous is the temple of Dashabhuja (10 Hands) Ganapati. This temple dates back to age of Peshwas (King of Maharastra, post Shivaji dynasty). The idol of lord Ganesha is carved in marble and is supposed to be from Jammu-Kashmir. The temple is recently renovated and is very clean and simple.

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